Key Dates for PHH Transition

09/30/2021:  Last Day to Log Into the Correspondent HUB

07/09/2021:  Last Day to Purchase with TCB

07/08/2021:  Last Day to Deliver Outstanding Conditions with TCB

06/25/2021:  Last Day to Deliver with TCB

06/18/2021:  Last Day to Commit Best Effort Locks with TCB

06/01/2021:  Last Day to Commit Mandatory Locks with TCB

Dedicated to your success. 

For today’s mortgage bankers and financial institutions that originate mortgages, there is certainly no shortage of challenges to contend with. Market fluctuations. Regulatory and compliance demands. Investor repurchase requests.

This is why so many mortgage originators and bankers choose to team up with Texas Capital Bank Correspondent Lending.

Texas Capital Bank is already one of the largest warehouse lenders in the nation. And now, using the same mortgage expertise, streamlined processes and customized technologies — as well as deep experience in and understanding of the mortgage business — we can purchase your loans, and enhance your profitability in the process.

At Texas Capital Bank Correspondent Lending, we’re dedicated to your long-term success…and to a long-term relationship with you.

Our expertise. Your advantage.






Looking to do business with Texas Capital Bank?  We’re ready to talk.

At Texas Capital Bank Correspondent Lending, we’re easy to do business with. We provide you with a superior experience, using a dedicated team approach that ensures consistent delivery. So you always know what to expect from us and our underwriters, with no unpleasant surprises.

As if the multiple advantages we can deliver to you weren’t enough to warrant a call, here’s one more: We’re part of one of the country’s most respected financial institutions. Texas Capital Bank, a NASDAQ-traded company, is strong, stable and growing, with an unparalleled history of growth and profitability.

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